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Bank-Financing & Investments


Finance Consulting, Arrangements and Structuring in attractive projects and companies — large or small, sometimes involving single or numerous participants, and in some cases via crowd investing. Customized in all instances.

cross-border  cooperations 

A global network enables international projects, M&A deals and joint ventures. We handle management, project management and restructuring activities. In some cases we work with start-ups, in others with established companies. The common denominator is competence and passion.


As international agency our services including Marketing, Communication, License trading, Merchandising and Product integration. We are coordinating  communication strategies for companies and brands worldwide. Our portfolio includes:

  • Advertising

  • Online Communication / Social Media

  • Media Relations / PR

  • Testimonial campaigns

  • Cross-Marketing

  • Management of prominent celebrities

  • Product placement in international films

  • Events

  • Sponsoring

  • On-site support

We provide support and expertise to companies wishing to improve and expand their marketing and communications activities in American and/or Asia and/or European  markets.


In the Movie-/Entertainment- business, there’s very little we’re not acquainted with or haven’t experienced ourselves. We’re happy to put our expertise and our network at your disposal, and we always present issues in a forthright, direct manner.

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